Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy)

  • KDG Solutions B.V., the operator of Minspo (Minspo), is committed to transparency in the handling of the personal information we collect, as it is important to us that you can trust us when we collect your personal information.
  • This Privacy Policy describes the policies that apply to our games, applications, software, websites, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), products and services ("Services").
  • You can review the data we collect and how we handle, manage, and protect it. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact our support desk from Contact Us.

Information, Purpose and Storage

  • When you use our services, we collect the following information:
Information Description and Objectives Storage

< Account Information >

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number
  • Address
This information is required to create an account to use our services. Retain for 6 years after account closure. May be kept for 10 years in accordance with taxation and accounting regulations.

< Customer Relationship Management (CDD) Information >

  • Occupation
  • Sources of income
  • Legal asset certification
  • Political Eminent Personnel Status (PEP)
  • International sanctions and/or financial sanctions
  • Company or real estate holdings
  • Court Rulings
  • Insolvency
  • Tax Information
Information about your background is collected for anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing purposes or to fulfill our duty of care. It may be collected directly from you or from publicly available information. Retain for 6 years after account closure. May be kept for 10 years in accordance with taxation and accounting regulations.

< Account Closure Information >

For short/long-term closure of your account, please contact us. In this case, information will be collected for the purpose of fulfilling your request. Information about the short/long-term closure of your account will be kept for as long as necessary to respond to your request.

< Customer Information >

  • Games of your choice
  • Deposit and Withdrawal History
  • Relationship to Services
  • Device and/or computer information used to use the service
  • IP Address
  • Browser
  • Language
  • Operating System
  • Referenced websites/pages visited
  • Location
  • Cookies
This information is used to improve your gaming experience or service functionality.
The information we collect is used to improve and optimize our services and to provide new services. For example, we use it to prevent possible errors, analyze and test data, conduct research, and develop new features and services.
Information is kept for two years after collection.

< Provided Information >

We collect your name, contact information, message content, and other information when you contact us, participate in surveys, use the content of our offerings, or use our promotions. Generally, two years after the information is collected. However, depending on the nature of the communication, it may be retained for longer.

Special Categories of Personal Information

  • We do not collect certain categories of personal information, such as race, ethnicity, religion, philosophical beliefs, sexuality, sexual orientation, political opinions, union membership, health information, genetic and biometric information. We also do not collect information such as criminal and criminal convictions. However, if you provide us with such information, it cannot be excluded, and this information will be processed through the appropriate department that is contacted.

Security and Storage

  • We have robust measures in place to keep your personal information secure (e.g., encryption and information security policies). Access to personal information is limited to those persons whose access is essential to the information. We have also established procedures for suspected incidents involving personal information and will notify our clients and all relevant authorities in the event of an incident. And we use the same SSL encryption algorithms as the world's largest banks and financial institutions to protect your payment and credit card information.

Cookies Information

  • This website uses "Cookies". Cookies" are pieces of software that are sent to your browser and provide us with useful information to improve our service to you.

Third Party Websites

  • This website may contain links to third-party websites (with the permission of the third-party website administrator), whether domestic or foreign. Such links and information are not attributed to us and we are not responsible in any way for these websites and their content, services, promotions, etc. When you navigate to a third-party website, you are subject to the privacy policy of that site.

Communication Methods

  • We use your information when we need to notify you of services or to reply to you after you have contacted us. We also use your information to offer you new features or products that we think may be of interest to you. If you would like to stop receiving marketing-related communications from us, please contact our customer support or choose to unsubscribe from our newsletters. Please note that data transmitted over the Internet is technically transmitted across national borders, even if the sender and recipient of the information are located in the same country. As a result, personal information related to you may be transmitted through countries that have a lower level of data protection than exists in your country of residence.

Information Sharing

  • We share information with our partners who handle our data under our direction, this policy, and applicable law. Our partners provide global services to us, including information technology, payments, marketing, data analysis, research, and market statistics. We work with partners who provide analytics and advertising services. This allows us to understand how users interact with the Services and our Internet advertising, and to measure the performance of our advertising and other services. Our partners may use cookies or similar technologies to collect information about your interaction with the Service and with other websites and applications.
  • We may share non-personally identifiable information that is considered anonymous.


  • KDG Solutions B.V.
  • Please contact us from Contact Us.

Policy Updates

  • In order to maintain accurate information, this Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. You will be notified of any updates, so please check back and accept them.
  • Last Updated: 2023.10.01